Nathan Dales Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Nathan Dales was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Although Nathan Dales has kept his birth date hidden from the public eye, however, it’s believed that Nathan was born in 1985, according to the year when he graduated from the college and his zodiac sign thought to be Gemini and he is a holder of Canadian citizenship.

Nathan has the stage name of the actor and is perhaps best known for his role as Daryl on the comedy show “Letterkenny”, created by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney who also star Jared Keeso, Nathan, and Michelle Mylett. The show has been on the air since 2016 and follows a variety of individuals living in a tiny town. The show is extremely popular and has been awarded 13 awards and has received nominations for 30 more.

Education and Early life

Nathan is quite private regarding his family. He hasn’t disclosed any information about siblings or parents It is believed that both of his parents were theatre actors.

Nathan was interested in acting during his time at elementary school and began to practice in the drama club at his school. He was a part of numerous shows that were staged in the school. He later joined the high school’s drama team and continued to appear in plays. He could have also been performed on stage at the local theater. Nathan took an interest in many other activities, including soccer and running track. and after matriculating at the end of 2003, Nathan emigrated into Los Angeles in California USA, and was enrolled in The American Academy of Dramatic Arts’ Theatre School, where the school graduated in 2007.


Nathan is somewhat discrete about his relationship status, however, it is known that he has been seeing Jasper Savage since 2016, Some believe Nathan made her his wife sometime in 2020.

Nathan and Jasper were during the making of a film because she’s a director and producer of films and was credited with directing and directing two shorter films: “Jessica Jessica” and “Nobody’s Home: Art d’Ecco”.

Jasper is also acknowledged for his work in the electrical and camera department for 25 films and TV shows including “The Adventures of Napkin Man!”, “Inhuman Conditions”, and “New Eden”.

Both haven’t spoken about other people they could have been with prior to getting together and the rumors regarding their marriage haven’t yet been confirmed Nathan has reportedly been in a relationship since the month of December He isn’t married and has no children.

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Nathan is attracted to comedy, and throughout his teenage years was thinking about being a stand-up comic, because his hero was Robin Williams. Robin Williams – occasionally visits stand-up comedy clubs and has even performed several times by himself.

He’s a big fan of baseball and cheers on his team, the Toronto Blue Jays while having the chance to see a number of games in real-time at the stadium.

Nathan’s most loved foods include bananas and pizza, and his most favored drink is beer.

He has his personal favorite actors and actresses. Some of them include Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey and Julia Roberts, and a few of his most cherished films include “The Terminal”, “Yes Man” and “Notting Hill”.

Net Worth

As of December 20, his net worth has been estimated at $200,000.