SSSniperWolf Personal/Early Life, Bio, Career, And Net Worth

Lia is more well-known for her YouTube username and gaming name SSSniperWolf is of British descent but was raised and born in the United States. When she first began her journey on YouTube she uploaded videos on gaming and provided responses to videos of other users. Videos that demonstrated ways you can “Do it yourself” were uploaded to a news site that she created and was titled “Little Lia.”

She became a part of the YouTube community in the middle of 2013. She was quick to start posting videos of gameplay from well-known games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto 2, and Overwatch. In the “Children’s Choice” award ceremony, she was awarded the name “Favorite Gamer.” In addition to playing video games, she takes part in the cosplay scene with the name Lia Valentine.

The Beginnings of SSSniperWolf

The actress has two brothers as well as an older sister, making her the largest child of three. Ranya Lasagna, who is a YouTuber, also called Ranya Shelesh is the twin sister to SSSniperWolf. His name for her is Paul Shelesh. The year 1993 was his birth. He is a guitarist often and has a great fascination with cars.

Bakir Shelesh is YouTuber’s younger brother, and second-youngest. While they were in elementary school, she would win in video game competitions they were able to participate in. Select and her family Shelesh couple decided to relocate to America. The United States after realizing that their London home was not enough to meet their needs.

SSSniperWolf’s Education

Once she stepped foot into the US and was able to settle in, she immediately set out to fit into American society by playing video games. SSSniperWolf had no social skills however she didn’t mind what the other students at her primary school thought of her because she was content in her own world.

Her mother had hoped that her daughter would end up in an industry that dealt with pharmaceuticals, however, she eventually made the decision to be a gamer and YouTuber. Her mother was disappointed by this decision and had hoped for her child to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

SSSniperWolf Personal life

In regards to her relationship status, SSSniperWolf keeps many things in the dark. The YouTuber Evan Sausage is one of SSSniperWolf’s girlfriends for a long time. They have been in contact via online chat for several months until they finally met each other face-to-face at a comic book event.

Since they first met, there have not been any controversies or gossip regarding their relationship whatsoever. The only children of this couple are their dogs whose names are Kaz, Lumpy, and Ash. They had another dog named Tuna however she passed away in the year 2018. The couple isn’t married and has not any children.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

Because of her fame due to her popularity on YouTube, It is anticipated that she’ll continue to gain a boost of her wealth which is now believed to be in excess of three million dollars and is expected to grow further.