Susan Li Personal/Early Life, Bio, Career, And Net Worth

Susan Li is a famous journalist currently working for Fox Business Network, and she has been a part of numerous other news channels thus far. Susan was employed by CNBC, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe as well as CNBC US. Susan is one of the top award-winning journalists as well is working in the FBN the headquarters of FBN in New York as breaking financial news. She is most well-known as co-host of CNBC Global Program and for the program Squawk Book, which aired on the CNBC channel.

The Beginning of the life of Susan Li

Susan Li was born in China. There isn’t any information available about the names of her parents or their professions. She was raised by her mother and she didn’t share any other details regarding her mother. Susan was born in Toronto in Canada and spent her childhood in Toronto.

Susan’s mom moved to Canada shortly after the birth of Susan. The mother of Susan is a single mother who cared for Susan entirely on her own and she would have more contact with her mother. It’s not clear if Susan has siblings or perhaps Susan is the only child in the family.

Susan Li Education

Susan Li attended high school in Toronto however the school’s name isn’t well-known. After she graduated in high school she enrolled at Toronto’s University of Toronto and graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics. She also studied Cantonese, Mandarin, and English as she was studying at the university, as well as she can speak fluently.

Susan Li’s Private life

Susan Li was born on May 1, 1985, in China She later relocated to Canada along with her mom as young. She’s 37 in 2022. she lived her entire life with her mother. There is no record of her father. Susan has been interested in journalism since she was a child Her mother constantly assists in encouraging her to pursue her goal of becoming a journalist. Because of her love for journalism, she’s decided to pursue an economics degree at the university.

Susan Li’s Net Worth

Susan Li is a journalist who has worked for a variety of channels. She has been reported to possess an estimated net worth of 1 million by 2022. Her income per year isn’t exactly known as the figure above is merely an estimate that may be lower or higher than the actual sum.

Susan Li Relationship

Susan Li will not share any personal information about herself with anyone. She is always keen to remain private from the public eye. She’s currently single and focuses on her profession and leading an enjoyable life. There are reports that Susan was in a relationship with a prominent journalist for several years. However, Susan didn’t confirm it in writing, which means Susan is now single.

Susan Li Beginning Career

Susan is interested in journalism since her childhood and began working in the field of journalism shortly after having graduated from university. Susan first joined Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and began working in the field of journalism. She was an associate producer as well as a freelance reporter on television and radio before leaving her position at CBC within about a year. Then she relocated to China and joined China Central Television International (CCTV) in 2003.

She was an anchor on the program World News as well as was also an editor of news and host of for the series Biz China. When she was working for CCTV she interviewed numerous famous and well-known people such as Hugo Chavez, Bernard Arnault, Yao Ming, and many more. After which, she quit her job in the year 2006.