Steve Gonsalves Personal/Early Life, Bio, Career, And Net Worth

Steve Gonsalves, a paranormal investigator from America, is an author, speaker, and former officer in the police force. Along with Jason Haves, and Amy Bruni, he was a part of the reality series Ghost Hunters, which ran for 12 years. Steve has appeared on shows such as The View, Fox and Friends, and Larry King’s Life. He’s also been a producer, director, and actor for several documentaries.

Early life

Steve Gonsalves was a New Bedford, Massachusetts native, and was raised in the United States. He also did not disclose information about his family. Because there isn’t any information about his siblings, it is not possible to know if he has siblings.

Steve grew up in New Bedford with his parents. He was also interested in the paranormal from childhood. He began to become more interested in paranormal activities at the age of 15 and started collecting more information.


Steve Gonsalves was a student at a New Bedford high school. It is not clear if he has graduated from higher education. The media did not receive any information regarding his educational qualifications.

Personal life of Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves was 46 years old when he was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on October 23, 1975. He began to research the paranormal. When he was just 20 years old, he had already formed a paranormal investigation team. He was also a police officer, so it was simple for him to investigate paranormal activity.

Steve Gonsalves was interested in paranormal investigations since childhood. He started The Atlantic Paranormal Society (also known as TAPS) with some friends at the age of 20. Along with James Haves, Grant Wilson, and Grant Wilson, he founded the TAPS and published a Cara magazine. They gained popularity and were selected by SYFY to host the paranormal investigation series Ghost Hunters.

Along with other paranormal investigators, they joined the show on October 6, 2004. It aired for eleven seasons. Steve also served as co-lead investigator and technical operator. Steve and his team visited many haunted locations across the United States, and Steve became more popular after Ghost Hunters.

Relationship with Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves has decided to be single and is enjoying his single life. He’s also focusing on his paranormal investigation career. Alyce Haynes, his high school girlfriend, was his ex-girlfriend for many years. They ended their relationship in 2014 due to some issues between them.

Steve won’t share his private life with the media. His past relationships have been the only things he has shared with the public. There are rumors that he was once in a relationship, but Steve has not yet made any public statements about it.

Net Worth

Steve Gonsalves was a TV personality who worked as a paranormal investigator on many reality television shows. He was also a producer and director for some films. As of 2022, he is estimated to have a net value of $ 1,000,000. Because he continues to investigate the paranormal, his net worth will rise. This amount is an estimate and may not reflect the exact amount.