Tessa Brooks Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Relationships, Education And Hobbies

Tessa Brooks, an American model, dancer, and actress, is a YouTube star who gained fame by uploading dance videos to her YouTube channel. She also collaborated with YouTubers like Team 10 and was a member the dance crew immaBEAST.

Early Life and Education

Tessa Brooks was conceived under the Aries zodiac sign in Fresno (California USA) on 5 April 1999. She is the youngest child of three siblings and was raised by divorced parents. When she was seven years old, her parents split up and she went to live with her father again. She has a younger half-sister from that relationship. She was unable to accept her parents’ divorce and relied on her brothers for comfort.

Tessa received her formal education at Fort Washington Elementary. She then attended Granite Ridge Intermediate. However, as her career progressed, her family decided to homeschool.


Tessa is open about her private life. Her most controversial feuds include one with Alissa Violet, her best friend. Alissa was once in a relationship with Jake Paul. However, when that ended, Tessa took Jake’s place and it became rumored that they were actually in a relationship.

Although she was once in a relationship with YouTuber and her costar from Team 10 Chance Sutton (but their romance ended in 2017), Their popularity only increased when they appeared together in many videos. Tristan Tales was also rumored as Tessa’s boyfriend. However, Tristan said it was a joke between them and the rest.

Dancing as a Career

At the tender age of two, Tessa began taking dance lessons. As she grew older, her passion for dancing increased. She began to take ballet and gymnastic classes which helped her further her career. She started to dance tap, contemporary, swing, and breakdance.

As a dancer in the Miss California Pageant as well as the Haiti Benefit Concert, her career was off to a strong start. She was featured on Disney’s “Next Big Thing” and her talent was acknowledged. She was awarded a spot on the ImmaBeast dancing crew and national recognition. After performing with the crew a few times, they were invited to perform at the Carnation Theater in the “Michael Jackson Tribute Show”. She was at her peak in her dancing career. Since then, she has been featured in numerous national commercials such as Sketchers, Equestria Girls, and Just Dance 4.

Her dance career has been furthered by her collaboration with T-Pain, as well as appearing in “Diamond White” on X-Factor and “Miss Coco Jones” on Disney. Tessa was also a member the PULSE, an international traveling dance convention.

She has combined her beautiful looks with her amazing dance moves to complete several modeling campaigns for Contours Designs and Coca-Cola.


Tessa is an adventurous person who has traveled to many parts of the globe. She loves beaches and exploring new places. Tessa enjoys spending time with friends, and often takes photos of them together. She also loves to show off her bikini body on the beach, which has led her to a few modeling jobs, including one for Boohoo. She is passionate about dancing, but she also enjoys singing and acting. She will be featured in “Honey Girls”, a new TV series, in which she will showcase her talents alongside Ashanti and Ava Grace. Tessa loves animals and has a dog she calls her angel.

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Net Worth

Tessa Brooks has a net worth of around $2 million as of mid-2021. This is a result her career as a model, dancer and YouTube personality.