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The stylist’s professional college career image is formed and trained to know what are the fashion trends in terms of image, intervening in the selection of clothing, hairstyles, makeup, etc. In this way, they can adapt them to each person, taking into account their tastes and personality.

The hairstylist near me is in charge of advising clients on their most appropriate image and what styles suit their physical features. For this reason, we see that stylists are an essential figure within the film and television industry in its different formats since to appear on camera, the artist or presenter must be properly made up and dressed.

On the other hand, they investigate study, and analyze the different fashion trends over the years, how they have evolved and what influence they left on contemporary fashions.

College career as a professional stylist

Key competencies of a stylist

The university career professional stylist graduated at Cosmetology school near me has the objective of developing certain competencies that allow him to function in his position, as well as to use tools and equipment related to styling. In addition, this professional must have normal color vision and good perception.

In summary, the main competencies of a stylist are:

  • Creativity and aesthetic sense.
  • Initiative and responsibility.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Ability to adapt to changes.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Manual dexterity and good vision.


Professional stylists acquire their knowledge, skills, and competencies at a cosmetology school or vocational program run by beauty professionals or academies. In addition, these schools must be accredited to grant a styling license to practice and perform their work.

Cosmetology programs aim to teach basic and advanced techniques for cutting, coloring, and coloring hair. In addition, students must learn not only the theoretical aspect but also practice with real clients who visit the academy for discounted or free services.

Professional Stylist and Your College Career

Thanks to the fusion of the theoretical with the practical, students learn the necessary skills to communicate with clients and satisfy their demands. It should be noted that during their training, stylists not only learn hair work but also acquire makeup, nail care, and skincare skills.

Therefore, the professional stylist university career must have knowledge about the facial structure, color theory, skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, among others. Therefore, it is a very complete profession, which requires many hours of practice to complement the training obtained in the study program.

After obtaining a degree from cosmetology school, stylists need to obtain a state license to officially begin work. However, it is best to keep looking for training to learn new skills, techniques, and current fashion trends.

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The university career professional stylist is one of the most demanded nowadays, this due to the importance that the personal image has taken in society. Styling professionals can provide their services in beauty salons or corporate beauty departments dedicated to image processing, clinics, etc.

They can also work online as clients search online as “sew-in near me”. Professionals can also work in:

  • Demonstrator of hairdressing and makeup equipment, techniques, and cosmetics.
  • Commercial agent for companies in the sector.
  • Haircut technician.
  • Technician in Nails.
  • Image clinics.
  • Freelance stylist.

As you can see, the styling professional has a large number of job opportunities at his disposal. Of course, this depends on the area where you specialize and your level of experience.

You must bear in mind that this profession is very extensive and can last from one to two years, but there are also certain programs that last for three or six months. However, if what you are looking for is to become a professional stylist undergraduate degree which gives you better professional opportunities, you should study a Bachelor of Cosmetology that lasts four to five years.